- ptarmica “The Pearl” 30” tall white flowers with grey/green foliage. £4.00

- filipendulina  3 ft x 3 ft tall strong stems and golden yellow flowers. £4.00  


-Harrell's hybrids a mix of seeds from the many varieties we have grown over the years. Various heights and shades of blue.2 year + plants, in large pots  £10:00


- alpina 3” - 5” tall 10”- 20” wide. Tiny yellowy  green flowers. £3.00

-vetteri 6”- 8” tall much smaller version of the above, doesn’t seed around like mollis but is equally attractive. £3.00


-rusticana variegata 3 ft tall large leaves with stunning cream variegation.  £5.00


- dioicus “Kneffii” 36” tall with creamy white flowers in loose panicles, ferny foliage. Full or part shade. £5.00

- dioicus var. kamtschaticus 3 ft tall creamy-white flower plumes, will tolerate most soils and aspects. From  RHS seed. £5.00


- vulgaris “Oriental Limelight” 2 - 3 ft tall. Soft filigree green-yellow variegated foliage small cream flowers. Sun £3.50



- cordifolia “Tubby Andrews” 12” - 14” tall, variegated leaves of cream pink and green with pink flower which bloom 2 or 3 times during the season. Stunning in winter when colouring is even more intense. Part sun / part shade. £5.00



-"Paul Furze" 12" to 16" tall, an unusual late flowering campanula with hairy inky green leaves and blue flowers from August through autumn. £4.00

- persicifolia 20”- 30” tall blue or white flowers. £4.00

-poscharskyana 4” - 6 “x 36” blue flowers, any position. £3.00


-montana “Parham” 15” tall with purple/blue flowers, this cornflower will bloom from June to September if deadheaded. Sun  £4.50


-hirsutum "Roseum" 20 "- 30" tall this lovely umbellifer is known as the pink cow parsley. It has a base of feathery leaves with stems topped with flat heads of tiny pinky mauve flowers. We find it does best in part shade £4.50


-intybus 4 ft tall spikes of palest china- blue daisy-like  flowers from a basal rosette. One of the most popular plants we sell as its not commonly available. £5.00  



-personata self-supporting upright stems 36"tall with pretty pinky/salmon flowers all summer. £4.00


- pulcherrimum Our plants come from our own, open-pollinated seeds and therefore could be any colour from purple/ pink to white. Sun. Price dependent on size, £4.50 to £6.00



-"Stahl Rose" this is the pale pink version of the above and sells out when the plants in the garden are in flower. Both do in sun or part shade. £4.50


- karvinskianus “Profusion” 8”- 12” tall, tiny white flowers fading to pink. Flowers over a long period and fully hardy, it seeds itself gently around and can be used in pots or borders £3.00


-bourgatii “Graham Stuart Thomas selection” 18” x 18”.  Very blue flower heads set off by grey and white variegated foliage, the blue colouring extends down the stems as the plant ages. Usually 9cm pots as we never have enough of this plant for sale. Photographed in the nursery garden. Sun  £4.00



-rubra “Venusta” 6 ft x 4 ft this deep rose pink flowered plant will grow happily in most soils including boggy. Photographed in the bog garden at the nursery. AGM £5.00

-ulmaria 36” tall with ferny foliage and creamy–white flowers in early to mid summer. £4.00

-ulmaria flore plena 4-5 foot tall with clump-forming  bright green ferny foliage with small double creamy white flowers. Very useful for damp soil and waterside. Part shade £4.50



- lindheimeri 4 foot tall, this  see-through plant has  thin stems clothed with narrow foliage and topped with pink buds which open to white flowers. Said to be tender but we have had this planted in the garden for several years.  We treat it as a penstemon, not cutting it  back until mid to late April. Sun £4:50


- himalayense 12” - 18” tall. Large mauve flowers with small white-eye early summer and then will re-flower if cut back for late summer. £4.00

- macrorrhizum “Snowsprite” 12” - 15” tall. Smaller than the species with white flowers and pale green calyces. £4.00


-"Blazing Sunset"  18" tall stems hold double brick red flowers, some of the largest of the Geum family, all summer long £4.00

-"Emory Quinn" a new Geum with large golden yellow single and semi-double flowers on red stems above low ruffled foliage. 14" -16" tall with a long flowering season. £4.00

-"Lemon Drops" 12" tall this lovely Geum has nodding pale lemon bell shaped flowers. A seedling discovered by Beth Chatto  £4.00

-“Marmalade” 12” – 16” tall single soft orange flowers held on stems above a basal rosette of soft foliage. £4.00

-rivale 8” - 12” tall reddish pink flowers attractive seed-heads. £3.50

-"Savanna Sunset" 12" - 16" tall  brown/red stems and buds open to frilled dusky apricot flowers.£4.00




- “Bressingham Gold” 6 ft tall (we have seen this in a sheltered spot up to 9ft!) Lovely butter- yellow flowers.  £4.50

-“Rubinzwerg” 3ft tall reflexed dark red petals with yellow and brown centre. AGM  £4.50


-“Gullick’s Variety” 6 ft tall with golden yellow semi double flowers. Makes a robust clump. AGM  £4.50


Our range of these lovely and undemanding hardy perennials continues to grow and we currently have 100+ for sale, some in quite limited quantities .Plants raised by us are in bold. All plants at least two fans unless otherwise stated. Over the last few years we have been fortunate to be given some seeds from an American enthusiast's breeding programme and have been growing these plants on in the stock beds. We hope to have some  plants from these seeds for sale later this year. We will post photographs of  them on our blog as they flower. 


EE= Extra early
E + Early
E/M + Early to mid-season
M = Midseason
L= Late season
UFO= Unusual form

Alexander the Great 3 ft tall with 7” flowers of deep velvety red with greeny/yellow throat. M/L Dormant  £6:00

All American Plum  2 - 3 ft tall 5” dark plum/purple flowers with yellow throat.  E Evergreen Rebloom.    £6.00

All American Windmill 2 foot tall with 7" crispate spider flowers of light orange with deeper orange eye zone and large yellow throat. Re-bloom . E/M Dormant £6.50

Always Afternoon 2 ft tall with 5” mid-purple flowers and plum-purple eye-zone.  E Semi-evergreen Rebloom   £5.00

American Revolution 2 - 2 ½” ft tall 5” velvety black/red flowers with deep green throat. M Dormant Rebloom. £6.50

Apollodorus 28" tall 41/2" flowers of violet purple with creamy yellow throat, re-bloom. M/L Evergreen £6:00

Awesome Blossom 2 ft tall with 5" flowers of dusky pink with deep plum eye & edge & yellow/green throat. E/M Evergreen Rebloom  £6.50

Bayley Hay syn. Bali Hai 2 ft tall, with 4” apricot pink flowers diamond dusting and gold throat. Fragrant. M Dormant.  £4.50

Bella Lugosi 3 ft tall Large 6” dark purple/black scented flowers. M Semi-evergreen.  £5.00

Black Magic 3 ft tall 5” lily form flowers of reddish black. E/M Dormant.  £6.50

Bonanza 3 ft tall with 5” star- shaped golden orange flowers with maroon chevron, gold mid-ribs and throat. E Fragrant Semi-evergreen Rebloom. £4.50

Bourbon Kings 2 ft tall with 4” bluish –red flowers and a yellowy –green throat. M Dormant.  £4.50

Brutus 2 ft tall 7" flowers yellow/green flushed pink with yellow/green throat. M/L Semi-evergreen.  £6.00

Caramel Taffy 30-36" tall with 6" flowers of a soft buff/yellow blend & green throat M. Dormant £6.50

Caroline Taylor  3 ft tall with 5” lemon yellow flowers having a white mid-rib, pale green throat and seersucker texture. It is lightly scented and very floriferous. E/M - VL Dormant Rebloom.  £6.50

Catherine Woodbery 2 ft tall with 5” palest rose flowers and pale yellow throat. M/L Fragrant  Dormant.  £4.50

Changing Latitudes 26" tall 4" flowers of cream with mauve & purple eye-zone & large green throat. M Dormant Re-bloom. £6.50

Christmas Is 2 ft tall 4 ½”  brilliant scarlet-red flowers with large lime-green throat. E/M Dormant Rebloom.  £5.00

Cool It 1 - 2 ft tall 4” white flowers with yellowish green throat. M. Semi-evergreen. Rebloom. £4.50   

Crazy Pierre 2 ft tall spider with 7” flowers of pastel peachy buff and brick-red chevron. The petals twist and curl so that no two flowers are the same. Stunning. M Dormant. £6.50

Cream Drop 20” tall, 3” wavy petaled flowers of rich cream with greeny-yellow throat. Slight fragrance. M Dormant. £5.00

Crimson Pirate 2 ft tall, a bright red elegant spider with yellow halo. Good bloomer. M Dormant. £4.50 

Dallas Star 30" tall 7" star-shaped  pink self flowers with light green throat. M Semi-evergreen£6.00

Decatur Imp 2 ft tall rounded 3 ½” flowers of light tangerine with darker eye. M Semi-evergreen £4.50 

Destined To See  2 ft tall 6” creamy white flowers with lavender chevron and wavy lavender edge and lemon throat. E/M Fragrant Evergreen  £6.50

Divertissment 3 ft tall spider with 6" pale yellow flowers & pale reddish eye-zone. M/L Dormant.  £6.50  

Don Stevens 30" tall 6" slightly recurved  yellow flowers with dark red eye-zone & yellow/green throat M Dormant £5.00

Double Delight 30” tall with 4” double yellowy apricot  flowers. E/M Dormant. £5.00

Double Dream 20” tall 5” double pale peach flowers with white mid-rib. Fragrant E Semi-evergreen. Re-bloom  £5.00  

Double River Wye 3 ft tall,4" flowers of light yellow double blooms. M Dormant  £6.50

Dune Needlepoint 30” tall spider variant with 6”  twisting flowers of creamy-buff with rose halo. Fragrant. M Dormant. UFO crispate £6.50  

Edge Ahead 28" tall, 6" flowers of lavender with lavender/purple eye-zone & edge. Green throat. M Dormant Re-bloom . £6.50  

Eggplant Escapade  3 foot tall, 6" flowers of aubergine purple with a darker eye & yellow throat . M/L Dormant AGM £6.50

El Desperado 3 ft tall.  4” mustard yellow flowers with wine-coloured eye-zone and partial edge, green throat. L Dormant   £5.00  

Ezekiel  28" tall this fully double daylily has darkest chocolate coloured  5" flowers with an even darker eye and a fine gold edge. Another of my favourites and not often on the list as they sell out fast at the nursery . M . Evergreen. Very limited numbers. Single fan. £6.50

Fairest Love 2 ft tall with 5” pale lavender flowers, diamond dusted with frilled edge and green throat. M Dormant Rebloom. £6.00

Frosted Vintage Ruffles 2 foot tall with 5" flowers , pastel blend of creamy pink with deeper pink highly ruffled edges and pale yellow throat. Very fragrant. Re-bloom. Dormant. E £6.50

Gay Octopus 3 ft tall UFO with 7” bi-coloured flowers of maroon & yellow with yellow throat. M. Dormant. £6.50  

Geneva Firetruck 5" blooms of a lovely oraney red with a pale yellow, slightly frilled edge & greeny yellow throat. 2-3 foot tall.E/M. Rebloom. Semi-evergreen. £6.00

George David 30” tall 7” flowers of burnt orange with cream mid-rib and ruffled edge above a deep yellow throat. A stunning sight in full flower. M Dormant  £6.50

Graceland 3 ft tall with 6" flowers of lavender cream/pink, darker halo & lemon yellow throat. E/M , ever- green, re-bloom. £6.50

Happy Returns 16” tall with 3” pure light yellow flowers. Excellent for tubs.  EE. Light Fragrance.  Dormant. Re-bloom  £4.50 

High Tor At 5ft tall possibly the tallest D/L with 5” yellow trumpet- shaped flowers. M Dormant £5.00

In Depth 2 ft tall 6” double golden yellow flowers and deep green throat. M Fragrant Dorman£5.00

Janice Brown 2 ft tall with 4" flowers of bright pink with rose-pink eye-zone & green throat. E/M Semi-evergreen  Re-bloom £4.50

Jan's Twister 30" tall 10" spidery flowers with peachy/creamy tones & green throat. E/M Evergreen £6.50

Joan Senior 2 ft tall 6” almost white diamond dusted flowers with lime green throat. E/M Evergreen. Re-bloom  £5.00

Jockey Club 20" tall, 5" double winey-purple flowers. M Dormant £6.00  

Judge Roy Bean Very large 8" - 9" spider flowers of orangey gold with cream mid-ribs & yellow throat. 3-4 foot tall. Very floriferous. M/L. Dormant. £6.50

Justin June 30” tall with 4” creamy yellow spider type flowers. Nearly always the earliest to flower here. E Fragrant Re-bloom£5.00

Kasia 20” tall 5” flowers of pale lemon peach blend with faint peach halo, green/yellow throat. U/F spatulate petals A pretty, delicate daylily. M Dormant    £6.50

Kwanso Flore Plena 3 - 4 ft tall with 4” double orange flowers. Lovely. M/L Dormant.  £4.50 

Kwanso fulva variegata 3 ft tall, 5” flowers of deep apricot/orange with white variegated foliage. M. Dormant  £5.00

Lark Song 3 ft tall Unusual form with fragrant 5” lemon yellow flowers. Long bloom season M/L Dormant. £5.00

Little Deekie 20” tall 4 ½” flowers with crepe texture and ruffled petals in an orange / gold blend and olive green throat. E Dormant £4.50

Little Wart 2 ft tall, 3” lavender flowers with green throat. What an unfortunate name! M Fragrant Dormant £4.50 

Little Wine Cup 20” tall 3” wine-red flowers with green throat. E Dormant Rebloom. £5.00

Little Women 2ft tall 3” creamy-pink flowers with cherry-red eye and green throat . E/M Dormant. £5.00

Luxury Lace 3 ft tall 4” lightly frilled soft lavender pink flowers with green throat. M Dormant Re-bloom. £5.00

 Mabel Fuller 3 ft tall spider variant in rich ruby red with 4" - 5” flowers. M/L Dormant. £5.00

Michelle Coe 3 ft tall with 4” melon-cream flowers and pearly-lavender mid-ribs. Ruffled. L Fragrant. Dormant  £5.00

Milady Greensleeves 30" tall, 7" fragrant flowers of pink tinged green with green throat. UFO crispate. M Fragrant. Dormant.  £6.50

Mildred Mitchell 2 ft tall  7” flowers of lavender with darker lavender/blue eye & ruffled edge and green throat. E/M Fragrant  Evergreen Re-bloom. £6.50  

Moonlight Orchid 28" tall , 7" fragrant flowers of bluey-lavender with white mid-rib & green throat. E/M. Semi-evergreen. Re-bloom.  £6.50

Moonlit Masquerade 3 ft tall, 5” creamy white flowers with deep maroon centre. E/M Semi-green Re-bloom. £5.00

Mrs Hugh Johnson 2 - 3 ft tall open flowers of rich mahogany red. E/M. Dormant.   £6.50

Muffets Little Friend 28" tall with 4" spider flowers of cherry pink with a deeper eye and green throat. Dormant M £5.00

Mynelles Starfish 20” tall with beautiful huge 10”slightly ruffled  flowers of ivory-cream. Star shaped UFO. I think this is my all time favourite.  M Dormant Re-bloom.  £6.50

Nashville 2 ft tall, creamy orange 5” flowers with soft orange band around eye-zone. Floriferous. M Semi-evergreen £6.00

Night Beacon 3 ft tall, 4” deep purple red flowers with bright yellow throat. E/M Evergreen Dormant. £5.00

Night Embers  30" tall with 5" blooms of double browny red with white edges & green throat. Fragrant. E/M. Re-bloom. Semi-evergreen. £6.50

Nob Hill  3 ft tall 6” lily type flowers of pale lavender pink and pale lemon bi-tone.E/M Evergreen  Re-bloom. £6.00 

Open Hearth 2 ft tall 9" star shaped flowers of red & copper bi-tone with green throat M Dormant£6.00 

Oodles  24” tall with 5” double flowers of rosy-carmine with melon-pink throat.  M  Fragrant. Dormant Re-bloom. £6.00  

Parfait 3 foot tall rose-pink & lemon spider with 5" flowers. M Reblooms Dormant £6.50

Peacock Maiden 30" tall with fragrant 10" flowers of purple with creamy white midrib & eye-zone. Large green throat. Stunning. UFO crispate M Evergreen  Re-bloom   £6.50

Pink Sundae 2 ft tall with soft creamy pink flowers. M. Dormant. Re-blooms. £6.00 

Prague Spring 30" tall, 7" flowers of flesh-pink & green blend with pistachio green throat. UFO crispate. M. Dormant.  £6.50

Prairie Blue Eyes 2-3 ft tall 5” star shaped flowers of lavender purple with lemon throat and “blue” eye (purple/lavender) One of the first daylilies I ever bought & still a favourite. M Semi-evergreen  £6.00

Prairie Charmer 3 ft tall, 4” cream-peach buff flowers with maroon eye and green throat. E/M Dormant Re-bloom.  £6.00  

Purple Bicolor 2 - 3 ft tall 4” flowers of deep purpley pink with purple eye and yellow throat. M Dormant £5.00

Rajah 3 - 4  ft tall. Large 5” mid-orange spider type flowers with dark red eye. Long flowering season. M Dormant Re-bloom£5.00

Raspberry Candy 3 ft tall 5”cream flowers with raspberry-red eye-zone, green throat and diamond dusted. E Fragrant Dormant Re-bloom.  £6.00  

Red Rain 3 ft tall bright cherry red spider flowers with deep yellow/green throat M Semi-evergreen Re-bloom . £5.00

Romantic Rose 18" tall with 4" lilac-pink flowers & large primrose eye.  M Fragrant. Dormant.  £6.00

Root Beer 20” tall with 4” flowers of dark red/black with darker red/black halo and golden yellow throat. Very popular in the display bed. M Dormant Re-bloom £6.50

Sammy 3 foot tall Do not confuse this with Sammy Russell. This is a beautiful spider with 8" flowers of peachy- pink whose edges are twisted & curled & a green throat. Another personal favourite. E/M Reblooms Dormant £6.50

Scorpio 36" tall, spider 6" flowers of a peachy colour with a darker eye-zone & yellow throat M /L Dormant £5.00

Serge Rigaud 34" tall spider with 10" flowers of red-gold bi-colour & gold throat. M. Semi-evergreen.  (Only small quantity available this year) £6.00 .  

Siloam Button Box 16” tall 4” pale cream flowers with maroon eye-zone and green throat. E/M Dormant.  £5.00

Siloam New Toy 12" to 18" tall with 3" flowers of violet lavender with darker purple tracings and eye-zone and green throat. An older variety and very useful for pots or edging. Dormant E/M £5.00  

Siloam Tiny Mite 2"-3" flowers of gold with burgundy eye-zone & gold throat.20" tall. M/L.Dormant £5.00

Siloam Ury Winiford 2 ft tall triangular shaped 3” deep cream ruffled flowers with large purple chevron eye-zone and green throat.   E/M Dormant£4.50 Single fan.

Sink into your Eyes 20" tall, 6" flowers of light pinky-cream, violet eye, cream & gold braid edge & green throat. E. Semi-evergreen. Re-bloom.  £6.50  

Smokey Mountain Autumn  18" tall, 5" fragrant  flowers. The colour is difficult to describe, rose/lavender blend with olive green throat being the best I can do! E but with re-bloom. Dormant £6.50

Spindazzle 2 foot tall with 6" spidery golden copper-coloured flowers with red tips and veining. M. Semi-evergreen £6.00

Startle 2 ft tall 5” flowers of wine-red with cream ruffled edges and yellow throat. M Dormant.  £5.00

Stella D’Oro 1 ft tall with 2 ½” fragrant gold flowers with tiny green throat. Long flowering  season. E/M Dormant Re-bloom   £4.50

Stoke Poges 2 ft tall creamy apricot –pink flowers with deeper pink eye and yellow throat. Very floriferous. M Semi- evergreen £5.00

Stoplight 36" tall spider, 6" flowers of orangey-red & large yellow throat. M/L Dormant. Re-bloom.  £6.00

Strawberry Candy 3 ft tall apricot-pink flowers with very large strawberry red eye- zone, yellow throat and ruffled edged petals. E/M Semi-evergreen  Re-bloom  £6.00

Strutters Ball  30” tall with nicely ruffled 6” flowers of deep rich purple. M Dormant£5.00

Summer Wine 3 ft tall, wine-red flowers with yellow throat, slightly ruffled. Very floriferous. M Dormant £5.00

Toothpick 28" tall spider with huge 11" flowers of tan/orange & large yellow/green throat. M. Dormant.  £6.50

Trahlyta 30" tall, unusual form. 6" greyish-violet flowers with purple eye-zone & green throat. .Very unusual colour. E/M Fragrant.  Dormant. Re-bloom.  £6.50

True Gertrude Demerest 2 ft tall 8" flowers of ivory with pink overcast & lime-green throat E/M Semi-evergreen Re-bloom.  £6.50

Tuscawilla Tigress 2 - 3 ft tall large, 7”, triangular shaped flowers of vibrant orange with gold midribs. Stunning.  E/M Semi-evergreen Re-bloom £6.00

Two Part Harmony 34" tall with 4" double flowers of straw yellow with wine red eye-zone & green throat. E. Evergreen £6.50

Valiant 3 - 4 ft tall. Unusual form. 6” flowers of pale golden orange and faint bronze eye and yellow throat. UFO crispate M Dormant  £5.00  

Whichford 3ft tall with 5" trumpet shaped flowers of yellowy-green. M/L Dormant.  AGM £5.00          

White Edged Madonna  3 ft tall, 4” purpley/red flowers with yellow throat and white edged petals .M Dormant  £6.50  

Whoopie 2 foot tall. 5" flowers of dusky purple, with ruffled edge, near black eye & green throat. Mid season, some fragrance. £6.50

Wild Horses 2 - 3 ft tall Unusual form, 6” creamy white flowers with large deep black/purple halo and yellow green throat. E Evergreen Re-bloom£6.50 single fan

Winsome Lady 3 ft tall, 4” pale plum-washed cream flowers, raised by Beth Chatto. E Fragrant Dormant Re-bloom £6.00

Wisest of Wizards 2 - 3 ft tall 5” flowers of ivory peach with a ruffled edge and pale rose eye-zone E/M Semi-evergreen Re-bloom £6.50

We offer some of the species daylilies :

-fulva 3 - 4 ft tall orangey –red flowers. £4.00


-“Buckshaw Blue” 14”-16” tall.  Still one of the best blue hostas,  with heart-shaped, puckered, glaucous, deep blue/green leaves and bell-shaped white flowers early summer. £4.50

- “Golden Tiara”12” x 20” Deep purple flowers and heart shaped mid-green leaves irregularly margined with yellow. Part shade. AGM £4.50  

-"Patriot" 12" tall with 7" leaves of dark green with a white margin .Pale lavender flowers  £4.50 AGM   

-undulata var. erromena 10" - 12" tall. An old variety with broadly ovate mid-green tapering leaves, and mauve flowers. Part shade. AGM £4.00





- yomena “Shogun” 16” - 20” tall pretty lilac flowers with cream variegated leaves.  Part shade. £3.50



-vulgare “May Queen” 24” x 24” single white flowers with yellow centre late spring to summer.  £3.50


-latifolium “Sea Lavender” 2ft tall, dainty lavender blue flowers in summer. Excellent for flower arranging and for drying. Full sun.  £4.50


- chalcedonica 3 - 4ft tall. A traditional cottage garden plant known as Maltese Cross, with star-shaped scarlet flowers. Self-supporting   AGM  £4.50

- chalcedonica "Alba" 3 -4 foot tall a lovely cool white version of the above plant. Really beautiful, this photograph was taken in my garden .£4.50  

-chalcedonica "Dusky Salmon" 24"-30" tall, this is a lovely addition to the chalcedonica  family. It has the usual "Maltese Cross" flat flower heads but these are a pale cream to mid-salmon pink .A very desirable plant. £4.50

- chalcedonica “Rosea” Pink flowered form of the above. £4.50


-cilitata “Firecracker” 24” - 30” tall. Lovely dark brown leaves in spring  followed by yellow flowers. AGM £4.00

-ephemerum 3 ft x 1ft Upright racemes of grey white flowers, long flowering and lovely, we regularly sell out of this in the summer when visitors see it growing in the display beds. £4.50

- punctata “Alexander 30” - 36” tall green/grey foliage variegated with cream which is pink flushed in spring. Yellow flowers.  £4.40



-salicaria "Feuerkerze" Also 3 foot tall, the flowers here are pink-purple, also attractive to bees and the plant prefers a moist-ish soil in sun or part shade. AGM £4.50



-cardinalis "Red Dragon" 18" tall red flowers from June through to September. Part shade £4.50





- stricta “Sulphurea” 20” - 30” tall Cream coloured fragrant flowers from peach buds. Very pretty flowering all through summer  £3.50


- planiscapus “Nigrescens” 8” x 12” Pale purplish flowers followed by black berries.  Very dark almost black foliage.  AGM  £4.50


-vulgare ”Aureum” 12” tall Golden leaves, pale purple flowers which are highly attractive to bees Sun. AGM  £3.00



-amplexicaulis atrosanguinea 40" tall with masses of ruby-red flower spikes from June to September. Very attractive to bees & hoverflies. £4.50  


Our Phlox like full sun or semi shade and  moist well drained soils.

-paniculata "David" 36" tall with clear white scented flowers held in large heads. Vigorous. AGM £4.00 


- stylosa 6” x 20”+ .Tiny pink funnel shaped flowers over a long period in the summer.  £3.00


-megalantha 12” tall  yellow flowered with deeper yellow eye. Earliest flowering potentilla with us. Sun AGM £4.00

-recta "Sulphurea" 16"-20" tall. Pale lemon yellow cup-shaped flowers almost continually throughout the summer. Very pretty. £4.00  

-recta warrenii 2 ft tall stems bearing bright canary-yellow cup-shaped flowers over a long period. A more vivid version of  sulphurea.  £4.00

-x tonguei 12" tall , a slightly spreading habit with trailing stems of apricot flowers with a bright red eye. Needs full sun and  a free draining soil. AGM £4.00




-acris citrinus 2-3 ft tall flower spikes of pale lemon buttercup flowers over a long period. £4.00

-ficaria “Brazen Hussy” 3” - 6” tall, nearly black foliage, yellow flowers.  £2.50

-ficaria single cream 3"-6" tall, pale lemon flowers with grey reverse on petals £2.50

-ficaria  double cream as above but double flowers. Very lovely £2.50

-ficaria flore plena 3” tall with double bright yellow flowers.  £2.50

-ficaria viridiflora 3” tall double flowers of green with a hint of lemon.  £2.50

All the ficarias die down around middle to end of May and reappear in January/ February depending on the weather


- fulgida “Goldsturm” 2 ft  x  2 ft. Golden yellow flowers with brown centres, long flowering.  AGM  £4.00



-"Ribambelle"24" - 28" tall with bright coral-pink flowers which have a white throat. Needs full sun and a well-drained soil. Hardy to -10  degrees . £4.00

- verticillata "Hanney's Blue" 2-2½ ft tall with whorls of violet-blue flowers in darker violet calyces and stems. Full sun. £4.00

-x jamensis “Red Velvet” 2ft tall with striking red flowers. Needs cold greenhouse winter protection. Full sun £4.00


- canadensis 5 foot tall, a clump forming plant with spires of white fluffy flowers. Most soils. Sun/part shade. £5.00

- obtusa 24”x 24from mid or late summer to early autumn bears small fluffy rich pink flowers in short nodding bottle-brush like spikes.  £4.50


-officinalis  rosea plena   18" - 24" tall very pretty double pale pink fragrant flowers from early summer to autumn. £3.50


-carvifolium 16” – 20” tall a lovely umbellifer with fine ferny foliage and 3” domed white flower heads. Attractive to bees and hover flies.  £4.00


-perfoliatum  6 - 7 ft tall these rarely seen statuesque plants with daisy-like flowers make a magnificent specimen or back of the border plant.  £5.00


-hippomaranthrum 12” -16” tall. A lovely umbellifer despite the name! It has umbels of dark pink flowers and a lax habit   £4.00


- rugosa "Fireworks" 3 ft to 4 ft tall, dark stems holding long slender branches of yellow flowers. Loved by bees. £4.50

- “Golden Baby” 12”- 18” tall. Yellow flowers, a smaller version of the more usually seen plant.   £3.50

-sempervirens  3ft- 5ft tall this native of north-eastern USA is rarely offered in this country which is a puzzle as its narrow dark green leaves are ever-green and the flower heads of deep yellow are a magnet for bees. Also it is better behaved than the UK version in that it doesn't seed itself about! £4.50




- grandiflora 32” x 12” spires of greenish white fragrant flowers for a shady spot but will tolerate some sun if soil is moisture retentive. £4.00

- grandiflora "Forest Frost" 10" - 12" with 24" spikes of green/pink flowers. Foliage is silvery-green with reddish tints in winter. Shade.£4.50


-ochroleucon 2 ft tall. Now becoming more widely available  we have grown this plant and "rubrum" for many years . A compact plant with slightly hairy grey/green foliage, its flowers are huge fat cream clover flowers each one about 2" tall. £4.50

-rubens  2ft  to 3 ft tall, rubens has smooth green foliage & smaller dark pink clover flowers , both this & ocreleucon are loved by bees. £4.50




- phu “Aurea” 14”- 18” tall  the beautiful bright yellow foliage makes a pool of colour in the spring then fading to green in the summer. White flowers. £4.00

-pyrenaica 3ft tall bushy plant  with lightly scented pale lilac-pink flowers and heart-shaped leaves. Flowers early summer. Semi shade £5.00


- bonariensis 5 - 6 ft tall the elegant slim plant with deep violet flowers, the ultimate “see-through” plant! A magnet for insects . AGM   £3.50

-officinalis "Bampton" 2 foot tall. Violet purple clusters of tiny flowers are borne all summer on tough thin stems of a lovely dark metallic  purple making this plant stunning in or out of flower. Full sun. £4.00


  -gentianoides 10”- 16” tall-spreads slowly. In late spring to early summer sends up stems of palest blue flowers.  Sun or light shade.  £3.50

-kiusiana 2 ft tall with sky-blue flowers, full sun or semi-shade. £4.00


-virginicum f. roseum up to 5ft tall flowers stems topped with pale pink flowers £5.00